Monday, January 10, 2011

reluctance, or getting back to work

Last week was one of those 'blah' weeks for me. While I was out of town, one of my work-friends transferred out of Gabon and a couple others also went on vacation and have yet to return. All sorts of little things have not been clicking together.

The housing situation is not one where details will be forthcoming, but it is best summed up like this: They asked me to move so I did like a good team player, but the new place is substantially worse than the old place. I have told those who need to be told and frankly, expect little progress to be made. (For example, when the power was out, why, oh why was the washing machine left in the middle of the living room by the work crew who was installing it so I could walk into it in the dark.)

The vehicle situation is ok, but management is diddling around and not making and decision. This isn't about my vehicle, which I have, but about other vehicles and new safety equipment requirements and exemptions while we transition and blah blah blah. I don't buy into what some people seem to do which is lie and/or hide the truth. Just be honest with people. Either they can accept the truth or not. If vehicle privileges are being rescinded, then be straight about it and not avoid the issue.

The reluctance to take action is also on me as well. With the whole blah-ness to the week, it's been difficult to focus and actually feel like working. I've got about six medium-term and significant items on my plate and I've had a hard time really moving forward with them. They range across all aspects of my job in terms of management: people, clients, equipment, etc. I have been chunking them into little pieces but the heart is just is not there. Perhaps it's the frustration with the lack of general progress on many things here or perhaps it is the effort expended on basics (house, food, water) that limits effectiveness, but either way I can tell that I am not as productive as I am capable of being.

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