Saturday, January 22, 2011

temporary roommate

I've had a temporary roommate since Tuesday. He was sort of one of my bosses during my brief time in Congo and he's still based there in a slightly different role which has him on a trip here in Port Gentil. Anyway, after his first day here, I took him to the hotel where he supposedly had a booking. Well, maybe not. The front desk said there was no booking and wanted cash up front for the room. Piss on that, so I said that I had an extra room at my place, but no pillows so if he was ok with that, then that's where he could stay. And that one night became several more. There's no compelling reason to move him out. I have my own room. He has his. We both go to and from the same place each day so it's not like this represents some odd inconvenience. Yes, I like my privacy, but I'm a "team player" and we're saving money so it's still a win for us.

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