Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Q2 earnings, right?

SLB released Q2 earnings a week ago. Results were more or less in line with expectations. Business is steady, the macro picture is a bit uncertain, etc. Like always, Seeking Alpha has a transcript of the call and you can also download a .mp3 of the call from the SLB public website. One thing I have noticed in the past is a particular habit from the CEO during the Q&A portion where he will end sentences with ", right?" as he answers questions. According to the transcript, this happened 17 times during this most recent call. In person, you can get non-auditory feedback (ie: a nod) when you say something like this, but over the phone on a conference call, you don't get (nor do you really want), a bunch of "uh-huh"s over the phone. This makes you wonder if this is merely a habit of speech or if it serves some purpose, right?

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