Monday, July 09, 2012

tuesdays not in turkmenistan: where i fell off the wagon

Um, yeah, we're gonna need to move your desk downstairs into Storage B. That doesn't really have anything to do with what's on my mind other than the slightly sheepish way in which I do wish to say, "um, yeah" always ends up sounding like Lumbergh's voice from Office Space.

So, um, yeah. I really went blog AWOL for a while and even this post is two days late. Eleven weeks in TUM was a long haul last time and these almost three weeks at home went by very quickly. That's typically a good thing as it means I was busy at active and not whiling away my time doing nothing. And I was generally busy and active going out almost every day and seeing people. Unfortunately, now I'm at the end of my days off and I'm already tired. Or perhaps I am still tired. Either way, I'm headed back to work not feeling particularly rested. These days off were a peculiarly stressful in ways I am not all that interested in discussing. Suffice to say, once more into the breach I go.

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Keep it going!