Tuesday, July 17, 2012

tuesdays in turkmenistan: an emptiness

Owing to a particular set of circumstances, the camp here is quite empty at the moment. That should change in a couple weeks, but meal time is rather dull at the moment, despite my attempts to ramble on about anything and everything. And with Ramadan starting in a couple days, a few of the camp residents will be fasting during daylight hours so that will count the number of people at the regular meal times down another 2-3 bodies. The camp is just kind of dull. Of course, I can simply bury myself further into work, but that doesn't help with balance.

I also finished a few books I was reading. Towards the end of my last rotation, while I was working on the tender that occupied so much of the day time, I was crushing my way through The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo trilogy. They are very fast reads and went by in less than two weeks. Then I started in on Cryptonomicon after a recommendation from a friend. It was a bit slow going at first, but then it also went by quickly once I had more time at home. Now I'm in a rut. I want to start on Dune and made it about three pages in, but I've been a bit tired during my first week back. I'll give it another whirl in a few days as it has long been touted as a science fiction classic. That will help fill a bit of the emptiness during the evenings in the camp.

Also, even if this post is four days late, it feels very relieving to have something up than yet another void for Tuesdays in Turkmenistan. It is something of an obligation I feel and it does gnaw at me during the week if I haven't posted anything or I am late with the post. The empty space sits there, existing nowhere in particular, silently mocking me for my lack of ideas. At least this is something. Better than nothing? Perhaps, perhaps not, but now that it is filled the gnawing is gone.

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