Wednesday, March 03, 2010

mergers and movements

I suppose the moderately big corporate news is last week's announcement of a merger between Schlumberger and Smith International. And in a not unrealted move, that announcement came shortly after a new COO was named along with some interal restructuring.

They can call it a merger instead of a Borg-like acquisition, but that seems like semantics to me. Impact to me is essentially zero for now though I can envision a bit of a trickle down as a result of the joint venture Schlumberger and Smith had called MI-SWACO.

As for movements, everything in motion, but for discussion later. For now, let's just see a show of hands of people in California who I need to visit.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward for your movement. Moverments! Check your heading.

buickguy said...

Me, me. My hand is showing.

Scott said...

If you're gonna be down in LA give me and Blake a holler.

Mike said...

I'm living in Mountain View now, so definitely count me in.