Tuesday, March 16, 2010

to do in California

What should I do while in California? Leave suggestions in the comments.

Things I need to do for work:
* get documents translated to French (as it is very hard to find a certified translator for Hungarian, English, and French)
* obtain copy of my extensive criminal record
* possibly leftover medical blather

Things I plan to get:
* new socks
* jeans
* sleep

Places I plan to eat:
* In-N-Out
* good Chinese and/or Thai food
* open to suggestions


buickguy said...

Things I need to do with family:
-- Visit my grandparents, thereby putting all things into a different perspective.
-- Celebrate my Mom's birthday. Don't be thinking in terms of gifts; she has plenty of stuff, especially in the frig.
-- Find out from my brother how things are going with his new work.
-- Find out from my new sister-in-law what she thinks of an advanced degree.
-- Find out from my Dad why he likes to make things (and other motivations).
This will get you started!

smallchou said...

When and where are you going to be in California?

Mike said...

Can we meet up sometime on Thurs-Sat? I'm going to Hawaii starting on Sunday for vacation. An option is Saturday lunch, and you could meet Linda. Let me know...

Scott said...

I'd say "come down to LA and hang out with me and Blake for a day", but 10 days isn't a lot of time to do what you need to do, and you're probably traveling enough lately as it is.

See you next time, I guess.

Brian said...

All excellent ideas. Keep 'em coming.

Brian said...

Mike - the way you wrote it made me feel like I'm some sort of parent and need to approve of your relationship
that you're about the do something reckless like these people have already done (in order of them being reckless I think):
People not listed M/F, but by who I know best of the couple.

Anyway, yeah, give me a call when I hit the ground.

Ming said...

I'm kinda offended that I'm not the least reckless person that you know on the list. Give me a call and we can hang out!

CAC Attack said...

Does that mean that Lizzie and I made responsible decisions, since we're not on the reckless list?

Brian said...

No, it means you're already married and thus too far gone to help.