Tuesday, March 09, 2010

quicken for mac = disappointment

I bought Quicken Essentials for Mac recently. Actually, I bought it a couple months ago and the release date was a week ago. I am deeply disappointed with, well, almost everything. It's just so incapable. No foreign currency support? Where do I live? What money do I spend? Even if I lived Stateside, I still travel and incur expenses in foreign currencies. Do Mac users not travel overseas? I am also unable to manually create a brokerage account related to my company stock program. Well, that's not strictly true. I was able to create an account, but cannot seem to add anything to it so it leaves me with a name and nothing else. I'm having a similar issue related to my 401(k). I do not expect to be able to download transactions since they are in closed systems, but at least let me set things manually. Hey, it might be possible, but it sure isn't obvious and the help function is less than useless.

I suppose I'm most upset by reviews that call the program more Mac-like and tout how it was built specifically for Mac and easy to use. Um, ok. See, the problem with that is that I actually don't like most Mac programs. I realize this is the result of years of PC use, but frankly, well, this is for a later date. The program is so thoroughly dumbed down as to be nearly useless. And the parts that are usable are frustrating and not intuitive.

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