Saturday, March 13, 2010

wtf is with Fiorina's ads?

For starters, I will admit to being severely out of touch with California's political situation, mostly by virtue of not having lived there since 2004. However, I still like to pretend that it's home of sorts, even though the train-wreck of a state budget makes me cringe. But can someone tell me what is going on with Carly Fiorina's political ads? I'm so confused by the demon sheep ad that attacks Tom Campbell but really seems to be evoking some themes about furry culture. And this latest hot air balloon ad on Barbara Boxer is like a crazy mash-up between a Terry Gilliam movie and Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen character from the recent Alice in Wonderland movie. So strange.


buickguy said...

Nope. No one can explain these ads. She's likely to crash and burn early, so "enjoy" them while you can.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Boxer neither. In no way I would vote for this crazy and the had been CEO of HP.

Campbell is a decent guy, but the Boxer political machine may be a little too much for him.