Thursday, February 24, 2011


Ugh, my taxes are likely to be some sort of unmitigated disaster. I think I'll be starting my cover letter to the IRS now. In 2010, I lived in three different countries and could claim about nine different addresses if I count all three bases as business addresses and then the six different places I have slept during this time. Of course, I don't have a proper address for any of those domiciles except the one I had in Hungary. Everything here and in Congo seemingly has no name or street or number. They are just places, you know, behind that other thing, down the street from there, 3 turns past that one place.

Actually, it should be reasonably straightforward from here on out since others (read: Deloitte) are responsible for my non-US taxes assuming they understand the form I spent 4 hours filling out on Saturday. Assuming I get all my 1099s (or I'll just login to my accounts and add up interest myself), even my US taxes should be ok. Of course, there is the whole gray zone of non-cash compensation. How much was that place in Congo costing? Meh. This will be fun.

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taxedout said...

Didn't Deloitte screw up your return last year? Is there such a thing that is called "non-cash compensation?"

The more money you give to the government, the more they squander it. I am all for avoiding but not evading when it comes to income taxes.